July 4, 2012

Things I Discovered About Myself Today

I've been working on developing a habit. Several habits, in fact, but in this case a habit of recognizing when I am flinching away from a thought and marking it as important to explore later. It just so happened that one of the thoughts I noticed I was flinching away from was... that I was getting further and further away from my initial pre-minicamp goal of leaving home. I thought about it quite a bit while at minicamp too.

Then I managed to bury it. Again. Under fear and excuses and self-loathing. Granted, I thought about quitting that job myself, independently of any outside prompting. But not like this. Not because I'm scared to deviate from the path put in front of me.


  1. The category label for this post cracks me up.

  2. Ditto above.
    God you're so cool. Noticing that flinching, marking it to explore later... how many people do you think do that?

    Move. Do it. DO IT! And when you do, get closer to the city please.

    ... Actually you should make the best decision whatever that is. [Use the tools from Smart Choices, clarifying goals, options, and consequences (I think they call it something else) as I did for a recent SHIFT decision: it feels good to make big decisions and even better when you know it's the right one.]


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