August 28, 2013

On the art of writing interesting PPGxRRF

Powerpuff Girls x Rowdyruff Boys pairings that would all be a hundred times more interesting than everyone automatically going after their counterpart:


  • A good shipper never let a little thing like incest get in the way off true love.
  • In my head, all the gay characters are in the closet to increase dramatic tension. Except Bloomer. Everyone just assumes he is, especially in the bottom Right when he's REALLY too shy to bring up his crush on Buttercup.
  • Yes, Butch is in a stable relationship with Bunny. What, do you think Butch isn't good enough for her? WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST BUTCH, HUH!?
  • This all started out with me picturing Brick as a cunning, popular guy with a cheerleader on his arm. The only puff remotely fitting that description would be Bubbles.