July 23, 2012

The Good 'Ol Days of Dating

I remember when life was simple, in that horribly inaccurate sentimental kind of way that conveniently ignores how life was NOT as glorious as I'm making it out to be. Do you remember?

Those days were High School--the good ol' days! Days when I woke up (late) in the morning and knew how my day was going to go (i.e. straight into the ground.) I had a golden (piss) path set in front of me, and I picked ripe, succulent apples of (bullshit, useless) knowledge from branches pushed down to (the dirty floor) my level by shining (overworked) angels of wisdom.

And dating! Oh, the silly dramas I had then. I had so many more options available to me than I gave myself credit for! Life is so much harder now that I actually have to deviate from my normal schedule in order to find suitable partners in my age range.

That's all that you need, really. Why did I complicate it so? Every student in high school was guaranteed to be within an age range of about 4 years, and if you stick to asking in classes you probably won't get outside of a 2 year range. College is good for getting some options, but I have to check that the guy I'm asking isn't actually 20 years older than me and married, and similarly reassure them that I'm legal.

(On a side note, I need to start wearing make up again. People weren't asking if I what grade of Middle School I'm in or offering me the kid menu when I wore eyeliner.)


  1. You are a great writer.

  2. I vote no on makeup but I recognize that make up doesn't optimize for my preferences but for average preferences.

    Also, you're neglecting the social aspects. In high school, you have to worry about the gossip and scorn of a population of people who know you and who you are forced to interact with, whereas no one might ever hear about or care if you ask someone out as an adult.

  3. Damn, those are some demanding criteria for a potential partner. Don't be married. Don't be forty. The end. Haha.

    Good luck.


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