July 6, 2012

Obligatory Funny Picture and Rationalist Slash Fiction

Remember how I promised in my Blogging Plan that I would draw a funny mspaint picture for days I miss? Well, I forgot to post. So here you go:

Self-referential humor is self-referential.

I wish I could say the delay was because I have been spending the last few days in deep contemplation about my priorities and formulating an awesome-tastic plan to take my life back. Sadly, it was filled mostly with truth or dare, junk food, vampire diaries, and star wars fanfiction.


At the minicamp I went to in California, we played version of a game called Cards Against Humanity using memes from a particular blog for the black and white cards. It's much like Apples to Apples, except the green cards are fill-in-the-blank phrases rather than an adjective to use as a theme.

The juxtaposition of two cards--"Lukeprog's love life" and "Rationalist Fanfiction"--began to hatch a peculiar idea in my head of creating a slash fic using prominent figures in the rationality community. It was just the sort of horrible, evil idea that I find impossible to resist trying. And try I did, on the plane ride back to Utah...

See also: Camp Orgy, tagline "It started with an innocent hug, but it became so much more..."

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  1. Clearly the only way to cheer up Critch is to ramp up the group hug to the next level.


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