July 10, 2016

Rationality-Habits Anki deck

It occurred to me, as I was discussing my use of Anki for habit-building with a good friend, that a decent portion of my personal growth is getting dutifully recorded as flash cards. "Why not share the decks?," I thought. "A random soul might find my notes useful, or my friends at least might consider it informative of my strange thought process." Here is a deck of rationality habits, filtered a bit for anything excessively tentative or personal.

Faithful readers, you would do me a great honor if you looked over some part of it and shared with me where you find pleasure, fault, or confusion.


  1. Thank you! But... confusion. And I've done the CFAR workshop, which I thought would help.

    Would these be more obvious to someone from the same cohort as you? Or who had been able to attend the reunions?

    1. Probably not? These are about *rationality*, not *CFAR*.

      This is also not any sort of official curated deck. It's just my collection of notes, filtered a bit to remove private information.

      Does that answer your question?

  2. When I first tried it, I did a few and they seemed to depend on some context that I was missing. But just now I did 20 more and they all made complete sense. At the same time, they're also things that I want to ingrain, so this is a great deck.

    But I've found the ones that confuse me... I'll copy the text into a separate comment and ask about those, a little later.


    1. I would be delighted to receive your feedback! More than delighted, ecstatic!


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