March 5, 2016

Goal setting

An incomplete list of stuff I'm up to

Alumni Pair Debugging
Some in my community express feelings of extreme loneliness and ineffectiveness at times. To counteract both of these, I started a service to pair people up regularly to troubleshoot their problems together. I engineered the system to stay stable and low-effort from the start so they could rely on its continuation; now I'd like to expand its scope. I will gather data on how people engage with the system now, experiment with ways to alter the service to better serve people's needs, and bring more members on board.

Make Anki Useful Again
Spaced repetition has a lot of evidence supporting its usefulness, and I made extensive Anki decks on hoping to capture that value. In time, I learned that to use that value I had to respect its limits; efficient memorization could not replace proper *understanding* and *prioritization*. I will clear out decks not relating to current or projected objectives and alter my current reading followup system to take advantage of the incremental reading plugin.

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